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Design Philosophy

Working with the best architects and developers gives our clients the advantage of developing their own villas built by the very best and with the highest standard. Each design and structure is a masterpiece of openness, light and air. Sophisticated living comes from simplicity as homes bond the traditions of local vernacular design with modernist values and elegance. A beautiful rhythm of floor-to-ceiling windows lets the outside into spaces that are impeccably finished, granting residents a fresh perspective each day.

Our architects and developers have let their philosophy be guided by the mosaic of the surrounding landscape. Many windows are dual-aspect as well as full- height, dramatically framing vistas that lead the eye across inspiring horizons and beyond. Inside, natural materials, warm neutral tones and high-quality fixtures and finishes subtly embellish and enhance life, conveying understated luxury that lets the free-flowing spaces speak for themselves.

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Sustainable Sensibilities

The designers and developers travelled extensively through the steep hillsides of the Marbella area to understand the philosophies of the traditional architecture. Our homes merge these time- honoured aesthetic principles with the best of contemporary design.

Authentic Architecture

From captivating mountains, seaside horizons and wild hillside to manicured golf greens, quaint villages and star-filled skies, the vistas at our locations are panoramic and transformative, forever changing with the seasons.

Limitless Panoramas

Ochre-hued limestone from the Troodos Mountains, warm Iroko hardwood, luxurious Italian marbles; every home draws upon natural materials, that have been carved and borne out of the earth, channelling their implicit integrity

Natural Materials

Our villas have been designed to respect and connect with the natural surrounding landscapes. Striking stone facades blend seamlessly with indigenous Mediterranean planting, large windows reflect the endless sky and frame incomparable views, and an abundance of outdoor spaces.

First impressions are everything. Pioneering design weaves together natural and architectural drama with an effortless elegance. Charming brick walls of limestone and panels of Iroko hardwood warmly connect with the settings, while walls of glass and striking entryways make a modern impact.

The architecture has the power from a humanistic point of view to regenerate you visually and sensorially.

Architectural forms are intuitive, letting nature be the luxury. The spirit of traditional natural landscapes – their simplicity, their community and their oneness with their surroundings – echoes within the modern sophistication of each structure and space.